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March 2008 Newsletter (PDF)
For sale online now (paypal):

10" Cam Clamp Plans PDF Full Scale Drawing
e-mailed to you, Make as many as you like, Complete with instructions.
Print out on your own printer and use as a Template...Similar to those clamps sold by "Stew-Mac" for $17.00
Please allow 1/2 a day or so for me to check my e-mail



12 Electric Guitar Cutout Patterns


Scaled to your preferred size

 Gibson Type
Flying V
Les Paul
Les Paul DC

Fender Type
Jazz Bass

Make great decorative items, Christmas ornaments, crafts to sell.
These are LOVED by kids—check out the picture! 
You choose the wood and the size.
Customize by painting or leave natural for a Waldorf/Montessori type toy.
Make your favorite musician a bunch to decorate his studio or Christmas tree.

 Professionally drawn using 4 scale sizes.  Drawn as exact models, including strings, tuners, pickups, “f-holes” strap buttons, etc.  Saved in PDF format-- print out on your own printer at home.  Once purchased, you retain the file on your computer to make as many models as you like.    In “tile” format--you trim and tape the pages together to form the full size drawing.  Alignment marks are given on each sheet to ensure proper alignment.  The 22% scale size will print two guitar models out on a regular 8.5 by 11 sheet of paper--perfect for Christmas tree ornaments!.  Once you have the printout assembled, tape or glue it down to the wood of your choice and cut it out.
            The 50% scale size works well for play guitars for small children (roughly ages 2 – 5) and the 75% scale for older children.  These would also look great painted black and hung up on a wall for decoration!
            Once you have purchased these plans, I’ll e-mail you the PDF file.  Please allow me one business day to check my e-mail for purchases and get the plans sent out to you.  Feel free to contact me for additional sizes.  Thanks and happy wood working!

$14.99 each set 


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